Installing on second computer

Hi all,
hope this question is in the right part of the forum, having recently bought Elements 8 and installed it on my desktop, I’m now wanting to install this on my laptop. If this can be done, how do I go about it? I have tried and the message is that this software has already been registered.

Help please, many thanks,


Your best chance is to get a usb dongle (eLicenser) and transfer your license to the dongle, now when you move the dongle to another computer you can install and use elements.
Normally your license is tied to a software dongle and thus tied to the compuiter on which you installed it, I think transferring the license is possible with the help of steinberg support, but I do not think they will let you do it more then once a month :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your prompt reply and help, I will explore this.

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