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Quick one…
my friend and I split the cost of purchasing cubase and I installed cubase on my iMac (version 8.5) and everything is perfect however I want to also install cubase on his laptop (MacBook Pro) for work whilst We are traveling. We are a music duo… is there anyway of arranging for another licence USB for him as I don’t want to carry licence usbs with me as they may get lost.

Surely cubase will allow another licence purchase? Would be great for the help. Thanks

Only one license is allowed on a USB eLicenser. You can install CB on whatever computer you want but… you can only use it one at a time by moving the USB eLicenser to the other computer.

So to answer your question…
Of course they will allow you to purchase another license. But it will have it’s own USB eLicenser and, unfortunately (as far as i know) they currently do not offer any special “deals” for multiple license purchasers. So… the cost would be what they charge for a full license.

Just a thought… I see that some users will install a “lesser” version of CB that does not require a USB eLicenser. Like a CB LE version that comes with many hardware purchases. Maybe that would allow some “limited” editing while traveling.

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Not really - you can have several licenses on a USB eLicenser

Also not quite true.

To the OP…

Ref… USB eLicenser:
What “svennilenni” added about having more than one license on a USB eLicenser is correct but, what I was trying to get across to you is that you can not put a particular Cubase software license on more than one USB eLicenser. You can install that software onto your computers but, you will only be able to use that software license, one at a time, by moving the USB eLicenser to the computer you want to use.

The only way around that (moving the USB eLicenser) would be to purchase another Cubase license that you can install on it’s own USB eLicenser or to purchase a Cubase version like “Elements” which does not require it’s license to be installed on a USB eLicenser. It’s license would be installed on a Soft-eLicenser located on one computer.

Ref… Install CB on whatever computer:
I’m not sure what “svennilenni” thought was on this point. As far as I know, you can install the CB software onto any computer. The software use would be limited to the above noted conditions.

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