Installing only x64 version of HSO 16-bit?


I just bought a new PC. I’m a registered owner of HSO 16bit (the version that came with Cubase 5). I want to install ONLY the x64 version of this VST. The DVDs that came with Cubase only contain the x86 VST. What is the process to install the latest and greatest x64 HSO VST (and the library) without installing the x86 version from the DVD?


I have a similar setup to yours, and when I upgraded to Windows 7 x64, as far as I can remember I downloaded only the x64 latest version from and installed it, and then the latest eLicenser. Read the “What’s New …” notes regarding backward compatibility with HSO projects created in older versions first though!

The content (library) had already been installed on a seperate disk so it was just a matter if using the “locate content” function in the Options menu. I’d imagine you should be able to find the content on the original DVD and just manually copy that into a folder of your choice.

When you use the “locate” function, a file dialog will open and you can navigate to the folder to which you’ve copied the content, but I have found that it’s necessary to select all the files (“Ctrl-A”) as it doesn’t seem to be sufficient to just select one file in the content folder. I think it searchs all selected .HSB files for content.

Thanks. Will the version at the link above work with the 16bit samples? It doesn’t say…

Yes. The bit depth of the audio samples is completely unrelated to whether you’re running the x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of HSO.

Ok wasn’t sure whether the full and 16-bit verions were actually the same VST.