Installing Plug Ins

Can anyone point me in the right direction for getting Roomworks SE installed in Cubase LE5. I can see the folder in the Steinberg folder on my c drive but it does not show up in the insert effects box in Cubase LE when I open it?

Can you see the plug in Devices- Plug-in Information?

Have you installed it in the correct folder? All the information you need is on p95 of the LE5 operation manual.

When I open the plug in information window I can see all the plug ins that are in the cubase folder in the c drive labelled vst2 (there are 7 of them) and these are all .dll files in the cubase folder on my c drive. However, I don’t see the plug ins that are in the vst3 folder that are .vst3 files and I can not see how to open these. An example of this is that when I open the vst3 folder there is a folder for all the Roomworks SE reverb effects but none of these are showing up in Cubase itself!

Do a search, missing Roomworks presets have been covered quite a few times before.

My frustration is growing! Last night I installed Cubase LE5 on my daughters new lap top running Windows 7. All of the effect plug ins were instantly available and were showing up in Cubase. I re-installed it onto my lap top but no joy - the only effect plug ins I am seeing are the vst2 ones and not the vst3 ones including HalionOne. Does anyone know why it would work so well on one system but not on the other. I did have LE4 installed on my lap top before installing LE5 and I am wondering if that has resulted in a glitch in my system?