Installing plugins and sounds in mac

Just got mac and installed cubase 6 on mac…can you please tell me where should I install all my plugins on mac to so I can see it in media bay also all sound presets etc…its bit confusing in the beginning…

You should try the manual for a start…

When you install most stuff the right path is already given.
Most of the time it’s User > Library > Audio or in some cases
All users. When you scan your HDD via the Media Bay, it’ll find 'em.
Don’t worry about it.

Thanks guys.
Its me being not clever coz I can’t use it coz I have installed them on my pc but now using mac so should install them with mac installation. correct me if am wrong…what now?? I downloaded them from steinberg for pc user…

You do need the mac version as the format is different.
I guess it’s .dll on a PC. On mac you have .vstplugin.

Have a chat with the support of the plugin manufacturers.
As you already own a licence you should get the mac installers
for free.

If it’s just steinberg software you can download the installers
from MySteinberg.

yeah just trying reactivate a license I bought but this is what i get-

The version of VST Sound Instrument Set Synthesizers which has been activated with this Activation Code was moved to a USB-eLicenser/Steinberg Key. This means that reactivating the product is not possible…

What know any idea…dont get that…

I think you get something wrong there.
You can use a plugin on different computers.
You just need to install the plugins on the mac
and then have your usb licenser plugged into the usb
port of the computer that you’re actually working at.

ok that sounds more sensible so should i ask steinberg for mac installers for my plugins?

The installers all u need. But I’m pretty sure that
you can download all the installers of the software
that you already registered at MySteinberg.

All u have to do is register your USB Licenser and then
download the installers.

If this doesn’t work the support should be able to help u with this.

Thank you very much for support