Installing sample science french violin in cubase pro 12

I am having difficulty finding out how to install the french violin plugin in my cubase pro 12. I have downloaded it. Do I unzip it first or leave it unzipped and move it to a folder in steinberg/cubase on my computer. If so, which folder?

what’s in the archive?

French violin v2.dll and pdf Installation and License agreement

I extracted it


After I extracted the zipped folder i got 2 files:
French violin v2.dll
Installation and License Agreement PDF file

read them.

under installation it says "copy the .dll and .instruments folder to your VST plugin I don’t see an instruments folder and where is the VST plugin folder ?

what do they mean by instrument folder?

nvm i found the instrument folder. duh? but where is the VST plugin folder in Cubase pro 12?

I don’t know, but the VST Plugin folders are standardized, eg.,

see: Locate the VST plugin folder

Here are the two suggestions for cubase. i will try both. thanks.
C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins

or C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\VST2

Well, it’s a VST 3 plugin… but you have the right idea.

Welcome to Cubase!

so do i need to find a vst3 folder?

No, it’s just

or will cubase automatically look in all vst folders?

that’s a bit difficult to answer, since I can’t see your directory lists, but
C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins

Is always correct.

ok thanks again for your help

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