Installing Sound Instrument Sets

:wink: Hi:
I have 2 questions to anyone:

  1. I’m very new to Cubase LE5 and need urgently a help with installing Sound Instrument Sets: I’ve successfully load a MIDI-file/s into Cubase but I’m NOT getting any sounds - I assume I don’t have properly installed any ‘Sound Instrument Sets’ ?!? …ALTHOUGH I selected in the Device Set-up the GM Set to experiment with …!
  2. I’d like to Upgrade my Cubase LE5 & LE8 Versions to ‘Artist’ version: could someone with your great expertise EVALUATE/ADVISE re my Upgrading-idea in order to improve my MIDI-SEQUENCING activity & skills in this area of my extreme (and long-time) interest with EMPHASIS on creating JAZZ-style arrangements for my public gigs, please…?

A step-by-step advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated…!
Many thanks.
Tony H.

wrong forum (!)

FWIW to install a vst instrument just double click on it and it registers in that VST library application - then it’s available to cubase