installing sx

i have been using cubase vst for over 10 years now,i have just bought a secondhand copy of the original first edition of sx with license and dongle.
I will be wanting to use it rewired to Reason(need to save up and update that as well).
What i need to know is ,is it best to uninstall my old version of cubase vst before installing sx?
Will i still be able to use the vsti’s and effects i have installed in cubase vst.
Will be running sx through my Terratec DMX6 soundcard,i presume this should be ok with sx?

Any help and advice would be much appreciated.

am running on windows xp home edition
1gb RAM.

Having never used SX1 myself, but have used VST 5/32 for several years. I’m going to just guess…I believe you need to contact Steinberg and get your Cubase VST license put on a USB dongle to play along with SX together in the same machine. SX uses a USB dongle I’m assuming…? I don’t believe you need to uninstall your VST version 1st. I’ve never heard of anyone using the old (blue for VST 5/32) LTP dongle with a USB dongle together and working myself. My buddy has VST 5/32 & SX3, but they’re installed on different computers.

But hey, if you have both versions, you can make use of both on two machines for an inexpensive powerful combination of resources. And if you have VST 5/32 with the last update, you’ll have VST System Link to sync them together. Not your question, just pointing out a capability if interested.

thanks for the info,forgot about system link,sx uses a usb dongle i believe,not the sam eas the printer port dongles that came with vst,also i read somewhere that they can’t transfer info from the red dongle to the usb,it has to be the blue dongle,not 100 per cent on that.
found 2 articles,one from sound on sound who tested this very first edition of sx on a pc with cubase vst on it as well and it worked fine.hoping all goes well when sx arrives in post and can get to grips with it.
thanks for the input again,anyone else have any ideas please let us know ?

At least it was a bump, I always like to see people getting good use out of something that someone else has found an end for it usefulness :wink: I did read ‘something’ that was somehow a difference between the red & blue VST dongles…what that was (?)

I had read a thread in the Cubase forums the other day somewhere, a user was trying to run (I think) some version of Cubase VST with Cubase 7 LE (?) a moderator suggested something like combining licenses on a elicenser …I was ‘lightly’ going on that, but hopefully someone who ‘knows for sure’ can chime in…until you get an official reply it wouldn’t hurt anything to try.

Note; your new/used computer with SX may not even HAVE a printer port! In that case, there alternatives…keep using your old machine with VST 5 AND the SX machine (you can always do that anyway) pick up a copy of VST 5/32 when you see it…I’ve seen it for sale used on ebay (with a blue dongle & box) for as little as $25-$30 and then if what you said is true, Steinberg can put that one on your elicenser.

PS, only Cubase VST 5/32 I believe (as I said, w/last update) had the beginnings of (VSL) VST System Link -I’m almost certain plain old VST 5 version did not - even then it’s supposed to be only one-way, that is, VST 5/32 would have to be the slave machine, while any SX version and above Cubase versions has VST System Link that can be either master or slave. Not to worry, I read even freebee’s have VSL.