Installing the latest version of Cubase


I’m about to buy a Macbook Air 13,3" M1. It comes with the new OS Big Sur operating system, which is compatible only with the newest Steinberg products (Cubase 10.5 or Cubase 11), so I need to upgrade my Cubase 7 as well.

I was thinking of buying Cubase Pro 11 Upgrade from Cubase AI 6 or higher. Technically you can upgrade your Cubase 7 but the thing is that my Cubase 7 was already an upgrade package ( Steinberg Cubase 7 UG4 upgrade) and it was upgraded from Sequel 3.

Does this Cubase Pro 11 Upgrade support only the original-not upgraded version of a software?
Do you think it’s possible to use it with the UG4 version as well?

How can I install an upgrade if I cannot install the older version of a programme on a new OS Big Sur?

it’s easy to install it everywhere… no need for the license to install Cubase…

Cubase 11 Pro needs an eLicenser USB key to work succesful,
so you only have to transfer your updated license to the USB key or you can update your license already stored on the key… it depends…

and it doesn’t matter if your old version is an update or upgrade…
only the license in your account counts… :wink:

Thank you very much! Appreciate it!

If you require more assistance… keep asking… :wink:

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Install eLCC application on the new system. If you don’t see the Soft-eLicenser Number (the HDD icon on the left side and the Soft-eLicenser Number bellow), install eLCC Helper, which would generate this Soft-eLicenser Number. You need it.

Then go thru the Reactivation process to reactivate your Cubase AI6 (or Cubase AI 7) to the new system (new Soft-eLicenser).

Then plug in your USB-eLicenser, which you have to buy separately (if you don’t own any already). In the eLCC application drag and drop your Cubase AI6 license over the USB-eLicenser icon. The license will be transferred from the Soft-eLicense to the USB-eLicense, what is needed for the upgrade to Cubase Pro. Be aware, you cannot transfer the license back any time later. But your goal is to upgrade the license anyway, right…?

Once this is done, click to Enter Activation Code and enter the upgrade Code. Your Cubase 11 Pro license will download to the USB-eLicenser. You can download and install Cubase Pro 11 and start it.

If your current license is Cubase 7 (I mean, really Cubase 7, not Cubase AI7), you already own the USB-eLicenser. So you would need just to enter the Activation Code for the upgrade.

Be careful with the license, you buy. It has to fit to your real license. Cubase AI6 is totally different than Cubase 7. You can find your license in your MySteinberg account.

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Okay, so it turned out I was actually using Cubase Pro 8 for last six years (being completely sure it was the 7th). :slight_smile:

MySteinberg profile says I have a Cubase Pro 8 license, so I guess I’m just going to buy this upgrade (I have attached a photo) and everything should be fine, is that right?

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It doesn’t matter, what you have installed. The only important is your license, you can see in the eLCC.


Okay, prefect. Thank you so much!