Installing to Mac Yosemite 10

I just purchased a Mac Mini and I am trying to install the Cubase 7 and then upgrade to 8 like im suppose to. But it keep saying I must have OS 10.6 and fails to install the Cubase 7 pkg

The Cubase 7 installer is incompatible with Yosemite. You need to download this:
and then use it to install CB7. Then you can update CBP8 with it’s own installer (which is compatible).

Once it got to Please insert the Haliosonic SE disk I put it in and it wouldnt continue the installation.

A Cubase 7 install is not needed. Cubase 8 comes with its own installer. It does not ‘update’ Cubase 7.

Have you downloaded the product installer disk images for Cubase 8 yet?

This is not entirely accurate. Is it, Steve? It does depend on which Cubase installer is used. The smaller update installer (which I was under the impression that consciousquis was using.) actually requires an existing Cubase 7 install.

I have even heard that there is some legacy stuff (presets, samples, etc.) that is installed by Cubase 7, that is absent in the full Cubase 8 install. So, if these items are important, it may be a good idea to install Cubase 7 first even if the full Cubase 8 installer is used.

With regard to consciousquis’ problems with the “Steinberg Application Installer Tool for Yosemite”. I managed to make a full install in Yosemite. However, I didn’t use the Cubase 7 discs. I used the downloaded .dmg images. I mounted both images simultaneously and lunched the Cubase installer with Installer Tool. Everything got installed correctly. It even installed the content of the Haliosonic SE disc automatically (without asking for a new disc). It may be worth trying.