Installing two different versions on one Mac


Can I install two separate versions (Cubase 4 and Cubase 7) on my Mac without C7 overwriting C4? The reason I ask is that I currently own and use Cubase 7, but my songwriting partner owns Cubase 4. As we are constantly sending a lot of ideas back and forth, it would be much easier if we both run the same version. Rather than him purchase the C7 upgrade, I have found a second hand version of C4 that is for sale with the eLicenser. Am I able to install C4 on my system as well as C7? (I know I will need to use two separate dongles - one for each version).

Any help would be appreciated.

On Mac, all you need to do is rename the Cubase application, then you won’t overwrite the first one. (e.g. change into Cubase They will even get their own separate Preferences folders.
Now some good news, and then possibly some bad news :wink:
Your USB key with the Cubase 7 license on it is also valid for Cubase 4.
Now the bad news, depending upon your Mac, your current Mac OSX, and your 3rd-party plugins that you may have installed… (not all 3rd-party plugins will be particularly backwards-compatible.). Be prepared for Cubase 4 to keep crashing on launch, until it has blacklisted all the plugins it doesn’t like :wink:.
But as they say, “your mileage may vary” :wink: )