installing usb licensed 9 pro on second laptop

My main Macbook with 9 pro has quit! I want to install the program on a second macbook pro. The dongle show the license for the program. I guess I just need to figure out how to install it, then activate with the same number I used on the first computer?

Just install and plug the dongle in. No other action needed.

I’m back from an out of town session, and thank you for the quick reply. I’m not sure how to install. The version on the down computer was an update for which I have an activation code, and dongle from old version to use on that computer. The dongle plugged into my other laptop does show a license for 9, but how to install the program with no disc?

Try downloading from your MySteinberg account (or from the download link you received when you purchased the upgrade) onto the new computer. Plug the dongle into the new computer and install Cubase. If it was not previously activated you can do so with the activation code you received. If it was previously activated then it should work with no issue.

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Thanks for the reply, Prock. That sounds like something I can do, having some experience installing, activating, etc. On another subject, I want add my thanks to your list, and on my mine. Not much experience with this site yet, and would like to figure out how I do that.

Good luck with your issue and please let us know how it goes.

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No program install yet!! Went to My Steinberg, went to “enter download access code”. The code I received with my upgrade didn’t go through.I think it said another user has this code. Then tried entering Elicenser# in the field. It said check #s again. I’ll try to find the link I got with my upgrade.

You need to input your elicencer no. You can copy it from the elicenser program so that you don’t make any typing errors.

If you already activated Cubase 9 on your old computer you shouldn’t need to re-activate.

Just download the Cubase 9 installer from MySteinberg, install it along with the eLicenser software and plug in your USB eLicenser. (As already stated by Steve).

I went to My Steinberg, then to the page with four options in red backgrounds: register ELicenser/software, enter download access code, reactivate, and register hardware. I clicked on download access code. I first entered the activation code I received with activation of upgrade C9 on the other computer. Got message “access code not found”. Then pasted Elinsenser# in, message says "this # is being used by another user. Of course I’m able to put the dongle in to see this # and that I’m licensed for C9. Am I going to the RIGHT PLACE to download the actual program before activating it? Maybe the code is no longer good. Thanks all.

Forgot to mention I also went to Elcc and clicked on green button, then entered activation code, got message " This activation code could not be found".

Did you already register your dongle in the past? Then you need to remember at least the email address you used.

Robert, this should be really simple.

If you have previously activated Cubase 9 then you cannot activate it again. You do not need any codes. Trying to reuse old codes will (as you have found) not work.


  1. When your USB eLicenser is plugged into your new computer and with the eLicenser control software open does a full Cubase 9 Pro license show? If it doesn’t then that’s your first problem.

If it does then all you need to do is download the software. You do not need a code for this if you are accessing the correct MySteinberg account. You just need to click the download software tab and select Cubase 9 as per image attached.

Download the software and install. The USB licenser needs to be plugged into your computer. That is it. It really should be that simple once you know what to do, I’ve done it many times. If you can’t follow these instructions for some reasons then please let us know why (eg: No license showing on USB licenser or no option to Download).