Installing VST instrument in Dorico 3.5

Hi - I just downloaded and installed both Dorico 3.5 and the TGuitar VST instrument. They both installed without any issues. But when I look at the list of VST instruments in Dorico, I don’t see the TGuitar instrument listed. What step am I missing? (This is the first time I’ve tried to install a VST instrument so I’m probably missing something.)

TGuitar is loaded as a sound within HALion Sonic SE; it’s not a separate instrument.

Okay. When I view the list of all instruments within the HALion Sonic SE selector, should I see TGuitar listed? All I see are these:


You should see TGuitar as one of the instrument sets in that selector. It contains a single patch called TGuitar.

Is it called “TGuitar”? Because when I look at all of the sounds in the “Guitar/Plucked” category, there is no entry for “TGuitar”.

It is called TGuitar, yes, as I said in my previous reply. Unfortunately I can’t provide detailed technical support for HALion Sonic SE or its sound packs. Have you correctly added the activation code in eLicenser Control Center? Do you see TGuitar in the list of installed libraries in Steinberg Library Manager? Does it show up if you run the stand-alone version of HALion Sonic SE outside of Dorico?

Success! I missed the step of adding the activation code in eLicenser. Thanks for troubleshooting with me!