Installing VST instruments/HalioSonic on Cubase AI 9

Hi all,

My son and I are new to Cubase, I’m not a total newbie myself but a long time since I last used Cubase.

We bought the UR242 and it came with a Cubase AI 9 download. Lots of good things are happening, especially on the Audio files front, but we can not find access to any VST Instruments - Halio Sonic etc - over in the VST Instruments/Media bay tabs or anywhere else for that matter. We thought we had downloaded everything we needed to. Are we missing something obvious?

Thank you!

You definitely should have some, I don’t think it’s usually a separate installer…what do you see when you try to load them? In the screen shot attached I’m adding a Track Instrument (click on keyboard icon) from the tab on the right hand side and clicking on the downwards pointing triangle next to the “No VST Instrument” label. You won’t have everything I have in the list but if there’s nothing at all then there is something awry with your installation. Do you have non-instrument plugins (ie: effects units)?

On my Windows 7 system the files are in this folder: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 9\VST3

Hey Planarchist, thanks so much for the quick reply. We did not have time to get back on Cubase yesterday but would love to resolve this. THe instruments are definitely not showing up in Cubase itself - I see your screen shot and we are totally blank in that area. However, we do seem to have something in the folder you showed: Elements PLug-in Set VST.3 and SynthEngine VST 3. If these are what I’m looking for then How do I get these imported into Cubase itself?

THe effects did show up, fortunately, at least the ones I was looking for.

Hope this is enough info to go on with.


Noel’s dad!

Do you also have the following file/folder:

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\HALion Sonic SE\HALion Sonic SE.exe ? If so, does double clicking on the file launch the free-standing Halion Sonic SE synth?

You could try installing the latest version of the synth by requesting an activation code from here:

Thank you again Nic. I followed through to download the Halion Sonic SE from Steinberg but as announced on that web page, it is an empty folder, devoid of instruments - which is not as advertised. I will contact Steinberg direct. Appreciate the help - and hope you’ll be there for us if we have other questions along the way. Cheers.

No worries and sorry to hear about that. The content should be included with Cubase…have you tried to re-install(without un-installing)? A repair option should come up which might solve the issue?

Bump. I have this problem. Was there a resolution?