Installing Vst Instruments & Plugins to different HD ?

I recently bought a new computer with 2 hard drives : 1 SSD (120G) and another HD of 1Tb. I already installed Cubase 7 on my main SSD drive & I would like to install other Vst plugins to a different location than C://Program Files/Steinberg/VST Plugins.

Is that possible to install all my other Vst instruments like NI Studio drummer, Halion Symphonic Orchestra & WAVES Vst plugins to my second hard drive in order to save up space on my main SSD hard drive ? Do I need only to pick up a different folder location when installing them ?

Please let me know what could be the best solution in this case.
Thank you very much

Hi you,

yes, you can do that. I do that with all the additional vstis I have. You will have to include the vsti Folder (the Location where you put the vstis) in the cubase plugin search path list. Then cubase will recognize them.

Cheers, Ernst

Actually, in general the answer is yes. But, in some cases installers don’t give you an option to install content to alternate locations. If I remember right, HSO is one. But there are methods to move the content and use a symlink back to the place they installed to free up the main drive.