Installing VSTs on external HD when reinstalling Cubase Pro 12 on a new PC?

Hi, I need to know if there is a possibility to reinstall all my Steinberg VSTs (e.g. Grand 3) on my internal HD and VSTs on an external HD. Basically - can I install Cubase on the laptops internal HD and all VSTs on my external HD. Why? Because my laptop has only a 256 SSD HD (and is close tol full already…!). I have an external SSD HD with 2Tb (USB 3.2).

Any application or plugin that installs on your computer should be installed on your system drive. It shouldn’t be an issue in your case since VST plugin files (.dll for VST2.x and .vst3 for VST3.x) are comparatively small. Sample libraries are typically large however and these can for sure be put on any non-system drives.
Steinberg uses Library Manager to change the location of your libraries. Some manufacturers have similar tools while other content does not require an installation process at all.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, VST plugin files are small. I meant sample libraries, which are often big. So, will I be able to reinstall sample libraries used by Cubase from the internal HD to an external HD after the sample library has been installed onto the internal HD?

Yes, but the method on how you do this will differ between manufacturers.

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