Instance plug-in on slot with key/midi shortcut

Hey Guys,

I’ve been using various remote control devices over the years (Mackie/Euphonix and now Lemur) and one of the things I often use for sound design offline processing is shortcuts to plug-ins.
In my template, i have various pages (EQ, Dynamics, FX) with buttons for the plug-ins I use most (Reverence, Multi band compressor, etc) that can be activated by a simple press.

This works great for offline processing on a region, but then I had a thought that it might also make sense to have these shortcuts being able to instance plug-ins when pointing at a plug-in slot in the mixer or edit channel window.

So, in short, the way this would work:

-hover over an insert slot in the mixer, edit channel window, or inspector in the project window, or any other place that accepts plugins (the insert slot could change color to show it’s being selected)
-insert a plug-in by selecting the short cut on your controller/keyboard
-said plug-in is inserted, rinse repeat on other slots