instances of a plug in

Hi all
Apologies if my question is obvious, I’m new to some aspects of Cubase.
I’ve just switched platforms from PC to Mac and DAWs from Cubase LE to Cubase LE4. In Cubase LE, I could set up a vst instrument (Kontakt4 is my main sampler) and then point midi tracks to it (as a multi etc.). In Cubase LE4, I have to create an instrument track which points at Kontakt4 as the vst instrument - no multi with midi tracks dedicated to each instrument in the multi is possible (or am I missing something?).
I’d like to upgrade to Cubase 6 shortly but if the same limitation exists in Cubase 6 as in Cubase LE4 I shalln’t be. I’m hoping it’s a limitation of Cubase LE4 as an oem software but I’d just like to be sure.
Thanks in anticipation of any replies,

Limitation of LE4.

Thanks for the reply mashedmitten. I was hoping that was the case.

Apologies for the previous post. I’ve just purchased a Presonus product that came with a Cubase LE4 demystified DVD. I needed to select the number of tracks to associate with the Kontakt instrument before I finished creating a new instrument track. Tut! What a newbie!