Instances vs multi copies (H6 vs SE & Sonic)

Hi there,

I was wondering if I overlooked something, but it seems that I can’t make multi instances of a program in Sonic nor SE, like I can do in Halion?!

In Sonic and SE, It’s possible to copy and paste a program into multiple slots, but that’s not the same usage as having multiple instances of a program into the program slots, like I can do in Halion6.

With multiple instances in Halion, e.g., I can change a parameter, setting on/off a flex phraser or whatever, and it will be instantly mirrored by all the instances in the slot rack ! This is apparently NOT possible in Sonic or SE, although using the same Halion engine?! ( and I don’t have to mention the extra CPU load of all these copied programmes :frowning: )

Am I missing something?
Can I make it work using Luma script? (The routine I use for doing this in Halion doesn’t work neither in Sonic/SE :wink:)
Are program slots not having the same underlying architecture?

Please, can someone shine a light on this ? :wink: