Instantly switch On/Off plugins selection


Is there a possibility to switch a selection of one or more plugin(s) ON while switch OFF another selection of one or more plugins in the same time with a sort of a macro or something for instant A/B comparison?

Let’s say we have two audio track with:

track 1: eq 1A (ON), compressor 1A (ON), eq 1B (OFF), compressor 1B (OFF)
track 2: eq 2A (ON), compressor 2A (ON), eq 2B (OFF), compressor 2B (OFF)

Let’s say that during playback we want instantly to switch ‘A’ plugins OFF and ‘B’ plugins ON just hitting a keyboard shortcut or something, is this possible?

thanks in advance

up. no way to do something like that?

You can set any track up to A/B, look to the MixConsole.