Institutional Discount for more than 5 licenses

Hello, my institution is looking into buying Crossgrade Dorico Pro licenses for our students. Previously (late 2021) when I inquired about this, I was told there was an approximately 40% discount of the education price (107eur by my calculation) as long as we purchased more than 5 licenses.

Recently i’ve inquired via the email, but all it does is to send me an automated reply with a link that sends me to the education price page, which contains this line “quantity discounts for schools and institutions are available on request.” So this is just going to end up in a loop…

So my main question now is, from whom can I obtain a quote for me to move forward with the purchase of licenses with a quantity discount?

If you want to drop me a private message and let me know in which country you’re located, I can put you in touch with the relevant person, who can in turn connect you to a reseller who can help you to make your purchase.

At the moment, no multi-user licenses for Dorico 4 are available: we are working on multi-user licensing as part of the ongoing Steinberg Licensing project. You can buy a Dorico 3.5 multi-user license now and we will provide a free update to Dorico 4 when the new multi-user licensing support is available.