Instru Mental

Hi there ,here`s an intrumental, work in progress, recorded in 6.5 .midi drums are my brother .thanks

very good, I like it!

Ah, here you’re preaching to the converted! :wink:

Fluffylicious. Perhaps tighten up the last guitar section?
But I’m being “picky”. :unamused:


Just listening to the guitar solo and smiling… thanks for giving us something recent!

thanks chaps for the listens and comments, hope you are all well .

Nice, I love it :slight_smile:
Is that a lap steel?

thanks Strophoid, no its not a lap steel, although i do have one . its a strat with an old fender bullet neck ,a set of 11`s gauge strings ,set on the bridge pickup which is a kent armstrong hotrails humbucker 8k ohm . through a marshall jcm 2000 tsl ,probably on the crunch channel .oh! and a 2" piece of chrome drum kit stand for a bottle neck.

Lovely playing and lovely guitar tones. Are you playing your solo on those 11s? You must have fingers like hawsers. Very nice chromatic and ‘outside’ feel of the solo, especially towards the end.


Hi Steve ,thanks for the nice comment ,yes i use Daddario 11 - 49s for regular playing, i have done for a number of years now, the reason was because i like to do vibrato with the fretting hand a bit like the Paul Kossoff kinda thing, but with lighter strings the vibrato can be too wide and sounds a bit like steve lukather or malmsteen ,i dont like their kind of vibrato ,i love them as players but not their vibratos. regarding the outside stuff ,i didnt think anybody would be convinced (i don`t think Jet was ha ha ),thanks for giving it a thumbs up.

Close enough for jazz! Yes, I can hear the vibrato thing, respect for playing that gauge to achieve it.


I love the bluesy sounds. Great playing, great feel to the track.


Excellent instrumental mate…bloody good listen that was!!!

Really like this track, drums are great, love the guitar solo too! Thanks for posting it!

Thanks for the listen and kind words guys ,that makes me happy :smiley:

Hey there Polgara, just coming back to this track to discuss guitar sounds. First, what guitar and sound? (I already said I love this track).

My interest is in trying to figure out where I am between Les Paul and Strat. I’ve been playing Strat recently with the band, which covers most songs, but I need a good full humpy Les Paul sound for some of our stuff, although my ES 335 would be better for some of it. So now I’m playing aroun with the split coil positions on my Les Paul.

Your guitar sounds lovely. Would appreciate your comments. BTW, the split coil positions on the Les Paul are iffy at best. Yet, I hope to avoid changing guitars for anything that’s jazzier in nature.

Hi leon the rhythm guitar on the bridge section and the bottleneck sound is through a marshall jcm 200 tsl 100 watt head into a floor monitor speaker cab with a Celestian G12T-75 speaker , miced with an SM58
the lead sound and chorus section is the same guitar as i mentioned in an earlier post but this time i went direct through a Boss GX-700 FX rack into a mixer then into Cubase .
At the moment for live stuff i am using another bodged together strat with two humbuckers, a dimarzio 13.5k on the bridge and a fender 7.25k on the neck, the middle pickup is disconnected .i use it through a marshall jcm 900 and it sounds wonderfull the clean channel is the best ive ever heard i recently had a go on a friends fender telecaster deluxe ,they have the feel of fenders but the wiring and pickup configs are like les pauls ,im thinking of getting one

Looks interesting… I’ve thought about how to mix humbuckers and single coils on the same guitar. But basically, I only ever use the neck position on just about everything I play, whichever guitar I use! Anyway, I surely enjoy the tones you’re getting, thanks for explaining how you’re getting them.

Nice tight rocking piece, good playing.
Little loose end ( quick fade out )
Good job :smiley:

thanks for the listen and comment ,will have a look at the ending .