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Hello all, new old guy here, was on the forum for some years and then wasn’t…Started with Teac 2 trac with SOUND on SOUND, Fostex 4 trac, Tascam 8 trac, Adat, Qbasesx3, went to Q5 awhile back, so the 60’s well in the rearview mirror for me…Recently purchased an off the shelf Lenovo computer, Qbase artist 9, RME babyface,GrooveAgent 4 from 3, and EZD2… Have a small grip on the RME,have sound… It’s a long way from Q5 to Q9 and there are so many tutorials its a bit confusing and the video is not a good fit for me…can anyone comment on the Darren Jones book, Complete Guide to Music Technology using Qbase 9, or point me to the best 1rst grade tutorial? small note, first interface puchase was an Apollo twin usb couldn’t make it go so its RME for me! Thanks for any input

Greetings and welcome (back) to the forums. That’s an great list of gear you’ve lived with.

I don’t know Darren Jones’ book, but I’ll have a look at it. There are so many youtube tutorials. Many of them only show what Cubase can do, but often, the person doing the demo doesn’t know how to actually use the feature. The video will say, “Cubase Chord Pad Tutorial” and the video is, “these are chord pads,” then it’s plink, plink, plink,’ on the pads, and “thanks for watching.” Many of the Cubase videos are sales pitch videos and also don’t explain much about actually using anything. Some of the artist videos are very good in terms of showing the product in use in high-end and project/home studio settings. Same for the “made with cubase” posts. That’s where you really see the best uses of Cubase, imho.
Club Cubase videos are good, but long and it can be a bit tedious to watch them, but there’s more in depth information there. It’s hit or miss because the questions and answers are more or less random. Some are indexed, some are not. It’s a good hang and the presenter, Greg Ondo, does a good job.

Posts on the forum often have very helpful links. Also articles in Sound on Sound are usually very good.

I had a pretty good deal of MIDI and audio experience and it has yet taken me many months to feel comfortable with Cubase. Only now, after two years, am I starting to feel “at home” with the program.

Be patient, use the forums, weed out the good videos from the bad. Good luck with things.

From one old guy to another :wink: I have Darren Jones book. It is a big one and gets you started nicely but can go very deeply into Cubase. You won’t need to read it cover to cover and can skip around for some more than general interests and techniques. I like his book and have it now since it’s release ( for C9). I am from a reel to reel era and have been using Cubase now for 13 years…far , very far from advanced use. It’s not my daily job so the videos from Steinberg and YouTube and others also prove to be great instruction and motivators when I’ve found the need to start from square one…I’m also very happy with the Streamworks series on Cubase 9. I use three monitors so I’ll play the videos on one and Cubase on another for positive reinforcement.

Keep in mind some of us learn a different rates. I was a fast learner until 2004 when I started with Cubase SL2.0 :mrgreen:

Wow thanks guys all points well taken on the video thing…best I can say is not all video’s created equal! Though I do see their value, I just have to rewind a lot. As an example: there is a window on the upper portion of GA4 se that I did not know existed until a friend pointed it out, as it is so dark almost impossible to see. Have not seen Steamworks mentioned anywhere will look that up, have picked up a few info kernels off Ask. Don’t mind paying the freight for D Jones book will get that straight away thx. I’m the singer/ songwriter type, acoustic guitar primary instrument, write drums parts from scratch(dying to try EZD2) no piano player but thanks to midi can usually write a serviceable part…no in depth user here…see you on the forum
Thanks so much for the help

It would be great to get all of the older guys together and jam. It seems like we’d be best just hitting the red play/record button … haha

Yes Friend it t’would indeed… and at the rate we’ve been losing people of late we need to do it soon!Tried for a smile face after that last, just got italics…Dust off my 12 string we"ll do Hotel California for starters!

Gee…I’m ready. and, you are so right! Deep South huh? Well it’s a long ride but for some good southern BBQ it’d be well worth it :wink: