Instructions for deleting Dorico 3.5?

With Dorico 4 securely licensed under the new SAM system, are there instructions on how to remove Dorico 3.5, the eLCC and all that sails with it?

I am not sure I would bother uninstalling the eLCC, because the Download Assistent seems to want to install it every time it updates itself.

Indeed, you will still need eLicenser Control Center for the time being: SAM actually communicates with eLCC for certain things.

To remove Dorico 3.5 itself, it’s sufficient to delete the application bundle and your old user-level Dorico 3.5 folder in Application Data .

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Ah. So a clean install of Dorico 4 would also include the eLCC?

Not of Dorico 4 itself, no, but Steinberg Download Assistant will install it. Dorico 4 itself doesn’t require eLCC, but SAM does for certain things.