Instructions on how to fresh install Cubase 11 and transfer across Cubase 10.5 settings?


Are there any comprehensive instructions on how to install Cubase Pro 11 whilst still keeping Cubase Pro 10.5, but copying across any Cubase settings to the new version?

I mean instructions to transfer to the new version:
Control room settings
Groove maps
Colour schemes
Keyboard mappings
Logical editor scripts
Plugin directories

I remember this being a hacky nightmare before, so I probably didn’t do it the easiest way before.


P.S. If not, can someone who knows help to provide some here.


Once you start Cubase 11 for the very first time, your Cubase 10.5 preferences will be migrated. So you will get the very same settings in your Cubase 11.

As Martin says , it’s automatically done on install

No, I installed Cubase 11 via download manager and none of the settings were transferred, also not after the first start of Cubase 11.

Does anybody know why this is different?

It did NOT take over my setting from 10.5 too.
Follow this and copy them from 10.5 to 11.
It worked for me by overwriting all v11 settings (I backup the original v11 ones first).
But I didn’t find out about the control room settings.


It happens to some users, the preferences are not migrated. You can copy the whole Cubase 10.5 Preferences folder content to Cubase 11 Preferences folder (when Cubase is not running).

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase _X__64

Thank you, I was aware of the alternative option to manually migrate the preferences.

I seem to remember that the problem also occured in the past to some users - is there any clue about the cause?
I mean - why is there no log of the installation that shows what goes wrong?

Cheers, Ernst

Cheers everyone.

A moot point at the moment since I can’t buy the Cubase 11 upgrade, as Steinberg’s site says it’s not available :frowning:


Ah, just saw in the Cubase Pro 11 Operation Manual pdf on page 1164:

“Profiles allow you to save customized program settings and preferences. You can switch between profiles, and import and export your profiles for use on different computers.
Profiles include the following:●Preferences●Toolbar settings for all windows●Global workspaces●Track control settings●Track control presets●Presets for input and output busses●File format presets●Plug-in collections●Quantize presets●Crossfade presets●Key commands
To open the Profile Manager, select Edit > Profile Manager”

Anyone used this feature to get their settings and preferences across to Cubase 11?


Yes, it is possible to use Cubase profile (as I also mentioned in other thread on this topic).

Btw.: I did the install again - twice. Once from the cubase 11 download and once from the cubase 11 update download. For reasons I will never know this time it worked - the C 10.5 settings were taken over to the new cubase 11 installation.
So what have I learned? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Well… its all software, so no suprise.

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Hi there!
I have a question similar , I got originally Cubase 10 pro then I updated to 10.5 , now I got 11 update from 10.5 and I can’t activate…