Instructions on how to load my C7 settings into C7.5?

I’ve had C7.5 (for Mac) for a while but it’s getting really frustrating having to reprogram every single one of my settings from C7. I’ve manually moved and/or replaced the Library files in the Mac system (templates, key commands,etc.), but I keep running into new things that I have to reprogram. For example, I have a 3 audio interfaces that are set up with two or three templates each. I don’t want to reprogram that! How can I import my C7 settings? I also have a CC121 and am not interested in having to reprogram the custom buttons again … can I import my C7 settings for that? How?

I still don’t understand why Steinberg doesn’t give the option to easily move our settings over when upgrading. I understand that some people like to have a clean slate - but for those of us who have customized every area of Cubase, shouldn’t we have the option to choose what we want to keep?



I’m not happy with Steinberg right now. I bought the 7.5 update, expecting an update. Not a completely different program. So next thing I know, what should have taken 5 minutes, has now cost me 3 hours.

Why do I have to do a bunch of work I’ve already done for an update? I haven’t even gotten to resoring preferences and key commands. How long will it take to Google how to transfer those and do it? Or will I just have to spend a couple more hours doing it manually, trying to remember all the changes I’ve made.

But my real pain is from Steinberg’s unbelievable cluelessness. Ever since I’ve been using Cubase (Ver. 7.0), I’ve had a certain way I want to work, and that involves how I set up all 3 Mixers for different tasks, and configuring them accordingly. It’s kind of complex, and a real pain to have to set up repeatedly, on every project.

So I’ve been wanting a way to save Mixer configurations so I can just open an old project, which was done in an earlier version of Cubase, and apply my Mixer configurations quickly.

So I finally get 7.5 working, and I look in the Mixer and see a new “Configuration” menu. Sure enough, it allows one to save Mixer configurations. So I loaded up an old template, saved my configurations with new names and voila, I tested them and they worked like a charm. This was worth the upgrade.

And then I opened up a new project, went to apply those configurations, and… they were gone.

Cubase 7.5, apparently, doesn’t save mixer configurations outside of projects.

What I think about that I can’t speak here among decent company. It’s really just shocking. So let me say this: That’s not very smart. One should be able to save Mixer configurations as loadable presets. I can’t believe I have to even point that out.

Perhaps I’ve missed something. I can’t allow myself to hope. But if someone’s figured out some way to do what I’ve described here, I would be really grateful.

I actually have a pretty long list of annoyances like this. Bumbleheaded moves by Steinberg. Poor implementation of features. Defects that never get fixed, year after year. I don’t know why I finally decided to write about this one. Probably because I was so exited to see progress, only to be let down, yet again.

Oh well, seriously needed vent is over now.


It’s a Yamaha thing… Same problem on my Yamaha keyboards…