Instructions page - struggle with master pages and layouts


I’m going round and round in circles with what I fear is a basic task!

I have been trying to insert a single page of text into the full score layout, between the title page and the score.

I get as far as adding a page, based on a master page set I created (‘explanatory notes’). In engrave mode, I have tried to drag a frame over this blank page but can’t get that to happen. So although it’s open for editing as a master page, I can’t edit. And although it appears in write mode, in the correct place, I can’t write into it there, I guess because there’s no frame.

I have also tried adding a page into the master page set ‘first’, but it reproduces the first page of my score.

Advice much appreciated.

When dragging a frame, have you definitely selected the type of frame (music, text, or graphic) first? (In the panel on the left, Insert Frames section) Otherwise you won’t be able to draw one. And you say “open for editing as a master page” - are you editing the master page in the master page editor, or adding a frame to a page in a layout?

Generally you can’t interact with frames in Write mode, although you can enter text frames and edit the text - best to stick to Engrave mode if possible though, as there you get the full picture and controls.

Thank you Lillie. I was selecting the type of frame yes, it got highlighted.
Connected to this ongoing problem I have now lost the Flow heading and composer info from the full score and have only a header ‘full score’. Title/composer still is in the project info. It is as if the layout is now one with one a header - but I can’t seem to change layout.

It’ll probably be easiest to help if you’re able to share the project, as there can be a number of things going on. If you zip it up, you can attach it to a reply here. If you’d rather not share it publicly, you can email it to me at l (dot) harris (at) steinberg (dot) de.

Many thanks I’ll do that, it’s too big even when zipped. As you’ll see I have attempted a cheat work around with a custom layout called ‘score’ but that has its own problems!