Instrument change affecting condensing

Flute 1 and Flute 2+picc
They play together as flute and piccolo and then rest. After the rests piccolo switches back to flute 2. The “Fl.” marking seems to not let me condense (even manually!) the flutes together. BUT, it’s totally fine before: rests are condensed. Why and how to fix?

Thanks in advance

From memory, I think only the first instrument of two players can condense. Is the Piccolo the first or second instrument of that player?

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True, but if an instrument change occurs on a system that contains just the top two instruments, they cannot condense. You can see this in the example above by the “Fl.” in the Flute 2 part.

Sometimes I am forced to enter hidden notes to force the instrument change to occur later than Dorico wants.

Therefore, a feature request: It would be nice to be able to specify exactly where the instrument change occurs, perhaps with a flag that could be moved if necessary.

Rest assured, this has been requested many times and is known.