Instrument change appear above cues

When a cue is displayed between an instrument change announcement and the actual entry of the instrument, the new instrument name appears by the cue and not where the new instrument plays. This is kind of confusing.

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You might find it preferable to add the cue in the original instrument, so that the instrument change occurs after the cue rather than before it. You can do that by going to galley view so that you can see both of the instruments held by the player at the same time, select the cue on the new instrument, cut it to the clipboard, and then paste it back into the other instrument. When you switch back to page view, the instrument change will now come immediately after the cue.

And you will need to add the alert “To Glock” as text if you want it.

Daniel can you say whether this be addressed as a bug or issue in the future? This workaround is not satisfactory amelioration of the issue as it’s advocating to go against standard practice regarding instrument changes, which should occur as early in advance as possible.

A better solution for the time being would be to keep the cues placed as they are now and merely drag the instrument indication in Engrave mode to m. 212 in this example.

I agree it’s certainly not ideal as it stands. It’s not something we’re actively working on at the moment, but I think there is room for improvement in the future.