Instrument Change does not show up

Hello, this must be easy to solve: I have my oboe player set up so he will change to the recorder for 1 aria.
This is my setup:

And this is how it looks in the part (where the instrument change should take part):

How should the player know to change instruments?

Dorico would normally (and automatically) insert an instrument change… Are you sure you input the notes in different staves (in Write mode > Galley view)?
There are some settings also in Layout options>Players

Unfortunately you’ve stumbled across a situation that Dorico doesn’t seem to have considered - where a player changes instruments between flows, and flows are allowed to start on the same page as existing flows.

I think you have to show a staff label at the start of the second flow.

Marc, you missed the double barline :wink:

Yes Leo! I did not see that! Staff label is the way to go — when it’s too obvious, I seldom see it ^^
So Layout options > Staves and Systems

You can of course override the layout option setting for staff labels by adding a system break at the start of the new flow and showing the full or abbreviated staff label by way of the Properties panel.

I agree Dorico should handle this situation automatically, by the way, and it’s on the list for the future.

Thank you for all your input!
I gave the flow a new staff label.
This part is not yet finished, layout-wise… I will still have to add the flowTitles,Titles of Tacet flows etc.

Flauto dolce.png

I have a similar situation - the instrument change does not show up at the new flow, but neither does the “to flute” after the music for the cornetto that starts the flow. But, the “Flute” at the entrance shows up.

Is there a way to force the “to flute” to show up, or do I have to fake it with text?

Ok, so I investigated this a bit further. It seems that the “to instrument” won’t show up unless there is a certain amount of rest until the change. Is that right?

Anyway, the ideal for me would be an option to have the instrument label shown at the beginning, above the staff, just like the later instrument changes. That’s the style I usually am asked to adhere to, not showing the normal staff label.

If this option already exists, feel free to correct me.

The forthcoming update will include an option to show an additional instrument change label at the start of the flow, to help make it clear which of the instruments held by a player is to be played at the start of a flow when no staff labels are shown.

Perfect! Looking forward to that. Thanks a lot.

I’m on the very latest update ( have an instrument change and back again for one complete flow out of ten for one player. Although I have full staff label at the start of each flow in the score which correctly shows the changed instrument at the start of the flow in question and the original instrument at the start of the next flow, there is no mention of instrument change in the part, or 'to new instrument and ‘to original instrument’ in the score or the part. AFAICT all the layout settings are correct.

Apologies if this is patronising, Joe, but are you 100% sure that you have the setting on the left applied to the correct layout on the right? You can apply Layout Options to each layout independently, and it’s not difficult to miss one…

Thanks Peanoleo - that is the solution. I had tried it before but must have set it for the score only and didn’t like it because it showed for all the instruments.