Instrument change don't work in only one player


In this project I can’t figure out why the “Violoncello” staff don’t act as an instrument change like the other players staves does.
Probably I’m just missing something very simple!

Thanks in advance!

KonyKonyKon-0705bb.dorico (776.9 KB)

You’re not missing something simple, so don’t worry! At some point your main 5-line cello instrument has had extra staves added to it, and that prevents instrument changes. So what I suggest you do is add a new cello instrument, copy and paste the material from the old one to the new one, and then remove the old one.

Oh thanks, it works!

Just two question about that for future similar problems:
How did you notice there was an extra stave in that line?
Once you added an extra staff there is no way to restore this property?

I’m able to see things using our debugging tools that aren’t apparent in normal use, so there’s no way you could have known that. At the moment there’s nothing you can do to “clean up” the extra staves that are left behind when you add and remove extra staves, but we are considering whether we could add a command to do this in future.