Instrument change fix?

Hello! I work with a pit orchestra that has a few players that double on different instruments and the way Dorico handles this is absolutely brilliant. However, there seems to be one scenario that working out less effectively. When I have an instrument change within one flow, Dorico automatically adds the text for example “To picc.” and “Piccolo” at the change. However, it seems that if the instrument changes in between flows, there is no indication on the individual part that they should have switched instruments. Is there any kind of automatic setup that I’m missing for this, or is the best work around simply adding it manually via Shift-x?

In short, the Flute/Piccolo player’s part says Flute and Piccolo at the top the first page, but each flow does not indicate which instrument is used on which flow.


Layout Options > Players > Instrument Changes > Show instrument change label at start of Flow.

Thank you!!

If you feel it’s necessary, you will have to add ‘to picc.’ using Shift-X at the end of the previous flow, however.