Instrument change hiding redundent key signatures

So I am using a workaround to get instrument changes between pitched/un-pitched percussion on the same staff. I have 3 Mallet players that switch between a variety of instruments (Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone, and a percussion “rack” that they all have access to at various points)

First thing I figured out was to make the un-pitched staff a treble clef in galley view so that it doesn’t display on every change.

Next was to adjust instrument labels, removing “to” in certain instances, hiding redundant ones completely.

For some reason I can’t get the key signatures on every change back to a pitched instrument to to go away (see attached picture).

Is it futile for me to try to fix this? Just bugs me on the engraving side of things. Normally I would write these notes in on the A line, or F line, change notehead, and set playback to off, then use text to indicate “Sus”, or “China + Crash”, “Zil-Bel” etc. But i figured i’d try it with dorico to get playback functionality out of the un-pitched instruments there as well, which has been working aside from this issue.

I suspect this is unavoidable without a workaround when switching from unpitched to pitched percussion. It’s actually switching to no-key-sig (invisibly) and then back with the instrument switches.

One way to avoid it would be to write the pitched parts in open key, and let any B♭s be marked. Another might be to write everything on pitched staves and change their playback manually.

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How would I go about changing the playback manually? As far as I can understand, I’d need a percussion mapping to be assigned to an instrument, which you can’t do with a pitched staff. I’m using noteperformer for the keyboard/cymbal sounds as well as the winds.