Instrument Change Labels don't show up...

Hi fellows,
strange things happening here.

Everything fine here with Instrument change labels with long distances but when there are only few bars (2?) for the player to switch there is no label created?
Can you reproduce this? Are there certain situations…? Is there some option for this?


What you should find is that if the instrument changes with no or a very short rest, you only get a single label at the point of the change, whereas if there’s a longer gap, you’ll get the instruction to take the instrument immediately after the end of the music belonging to the old instrument and a reminder of the new instrument at the start of its music.

As usual, if you want help with a specific problem, it saves a lot of time if you attach the project itself, or a minimal example, so we can examine the specific situation.

Hello Daniel,
thats what i get, you’re right. So it’s by design, that there is not always a pair created?

I have a page turn along with this short time switch and a new section in the music starts (double bar etc.)
So there is a big chance, that when rehearsal starts with that section, the player does not know what isntrument to play.
It would rather prefer, that both labels are always created and if the second one seems superfluous to me, i can hide it in properties panel…

Yes, it’s by design that you only get one label in such situations, to avoid unnecessarily cluttering the score and the part. In the case that there’s a page turn at that exact point I can imagine that an additional warning might be useful, but for the time being you’ll have to add that manually.