Instrument Change Mid-Piece in Percussion Kit?

I use percussion kits to notate multiple percussion parts in a compact, readable way. One of my kits is a two-line grid with crash cymbal and ratchet. The intention isn’t for these two instruments to be played by the same person simultaneously, it just makes for a nice “Percussion II” part. I’d like the ratchet player to switch to triangle midway through the piece. For any single instrument adding an instrument change is simple; but in this percussion kit, instead of labelling the crash cymbal as “Crash Cymbal,” Dorico automatically gives me a Crash Cymbal I and II, and instead of labelling the change as “to triangle” next to the ratchet/triangle line, it labels the entire staff as “to perc.” I can’t find any workaround for these issues.


Is there any way I can remove the numbering from the crash cymbal line and make the instrument change correctly show “to triangle?”

I don’t think there’s a way of solving both of these problems simply. I guess you’re switching to another kit that contains a crash symbol and a triangle, which is why Dorico ends up numbering the two crash cymbals independently. You can prevent Dorico from showing a number on them by editing the name of one of them to be slightly different, e.g. you could add a leading space to the name for the one in the second kit, so that it is actually " Crash Cymbal" (note the additional space after the first quotation mark).

For the instrument change label, you can at least override this via Properties.

I never thought of the leading space in the instrument name idea – that’s clever! And yes, using custom text and moving the label in the properties panel is fine for something as short and simple as this. Thanks for the help!