Instrument change notification breaks multirests

I’m working on a piece which contains instrument changes. As you can see, the ‘change to…’ indication breaks the multirest. As there’s no signpost to move I’m quite stumped and can’t think of a suitable workaround.

Have I missed something obvious? If this result is expected then may I request please that at some future version, these particular display events follow the similar text rules (if located on the first beat of a bar) and not break the multirest or we have a signpost so we can adjust to suit. Thank you.

That’s how it works at present.

Thanks Derrek, I thought as much - after much hair pulling of course. Fingers crossed though …

Something else must be breaking the multirest because it works correctly for me. Try turning on signposts to see if there’s something hidden that’s breaking it.

ChuckDimeCliff. Thanks so much for looking into this for me, I appreciate it. Your result speaks for itself and I don’t know what to say. I’ve attached a small pic with signposts on and you can see there’s nothing else there. The part starts on Tenor and the player switches to flute, It’s the switch back to the primary instrument where the problem lies.

The first notification (from Tenor to Flute) displays absolutely fine as you can see. I wonder if it’s the switching back that does it?
BTW. This is a native Dorico file (no XML/MIDI involved).

break-multi-galley view.jpg