Instrument change one bar to early

Hello just a small question:
when I have an Instrument change, the different in patients style for example Choir to Percussion, then if the bar before the change is empty, it’s already shown the “new” style of the next Instrument. But I would like to have the style of the new instrument only from the start of the new notation style.

How can I change that?

Thank you

If it’s only for one bar, you can add a chord symbol region in that bar for the instrument you want to “stick with” - that is, if you want the choir to last another bar before switching to percussion, add the chord symbol region to the choir in that bar.

Chord symbol regions are one of the notations that prevent an instrument change occurring, and they don’t affect the printed/exported output (unless there are chord symbols there or you add annotations to the printed/exported file).

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thank you but sth went wrong here…

Chosen the bar > hit enter , > Akkordregion erzeugen…

and another little thing…I added a page manually and dont get it that the page number is shown. I tried it with different combinations in the Layout option, but it didn’t work…

That looks like you added the chord symbol region to the percussion staff - switch to galley view, and make sure you add it to the choir staff instead.

Your added page: if you inserted a blank page, the page number won’t appear because page numbers are shown using the {@ page @} token (no spaces) inside a text frame. The “Default” master pages have text frames with page number tokens in the top corners. If you want to show the page number on an inserted page, add a text frame with that token. If you’re using a custom master page, make sure a text frame with the page number token exists somewhere on the master page.

tank you very much

, is it possible that it is called {@page@} ? Instead of page number?

Aha, yes of course you’re right, my mistake.

no no . just not to make a mistake again… thanx a lot!!

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