Instrument change problems

Hi, I’ve noticed that when a player change instrument only the first time a “To Flute…” is added but not when changing back again. It happened when importing an xml-file so first though that the xml-import was the problem but now tried with a simple new project. Create a solo player playing flute and alto flute and it’s the same. Works sometimes but mostly not. Known bug? Couldn’t find anything after a search.


I’m unable to reproduce this, I’m afraid. It seems to work reliably for me. Can you perhaps supply a project in which it doesn’t work reliably? (301 KB)

Now I tried again with a new project and of course, it worked. Will attach a file if it stops working again.


Ok, did a new test and now did it again.
Missing one to trumpet and one to Euphonium.

Jesper (651 KB)

Thanks – I’m not sure what’s going on here just yet, so leave it with me.

Ok, thanks Daniel, for me it happens both on an old Mac Pro running El Capitan and a rather new MacBook Pro running Sierra. Seem to happen two times out of three but rather at random showing some changes but not all.
Swedish system by the way.


We looked into this problem today and were able to figure out the circumstances under which it goes wrong. This problem will be fixed in the 1.0.10 update.

You’re the Man Daniel, thanks.