Instrument change - still in one stave in galley view

Say I have an Oboeplayer switching between Oboe and English Horn. Can I still see this as just ONE staff in galley view?

Having two staves for seems to be counterintuitive since it still is just one player, and also eats up space for no reason and makes the score less ledgible.


No, in galley view you will always see the staves for all instruments separately.

That is also how you can create instrument changes: input the oboe notes on the Oboe staff, then the cor anglais notes on the Cor Anglais staff, and let Dorico squish them onto one staff in page view (as long as their notes don’t overlap).

In galley view, if you want to reduce the number of staves you’re seeing temporarily, you can use an instrument filter.

Thanks @Lillie_Harris for the quick answer.

What is the advantage of seeing two staves? By definition, one is always empty and just makes the score less ledgible (And with players doubling on more instruments, you have three or more staves then?)

The advantage is that you can add notes to the right instrument and achieve instrument changes in page view. If the staves collapsed in galley view as well as page view, it would be very hard (once an instrument change has been established) to re-access the non-active instrument later on in the flow.

As I said, you can use instrument filters to control which instruments you’re seeing at any given moment. Or switch back to page view, perhaps in a dummy, working layout with outrageous page dimensions.


Stefan, I guess Galley View also shows us the structure of how Dorico handles things. That way Galley View is more than just a panoramic display of Page View.