Instrument change - text collisions

Is it possible to set a text padding or something to avoid collisions with the instrument change labels and notes. It seems like these aren’t possible to move in Engrave mode.

Have you tried Engraving options, Instrument changes ?
Capture d’écran 2017-02-02 à 19.00.48.png

Yes, I’ve tried that one. What I’m looking for is some sort of padding instead of a fixed distance from the staff, since the distance from the staff varies depending on the instruments.On some instruments the label can be quite close to the staff (e.g. bass trombone) and some needs much greater distance. (e.g. flute, violin etc.)

Something more like the alignment of the metronome marks.

I’m afraid you can’t move instrument change labels at the moment. We plan to improve this soon.

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