Instrument change warning/label positioning request

I know instrument changes have been discussed on here quite a bit, but there still seems to be a lack of flexibility when it comes to labels for instrument changes, especially the warning. I have the setting for “Instrument transition position” set to “After last note in old instrument”, but this seems to actually be “At the start of the bar after the last note in old instrument” which sometimes produces undesired results.

Here is an example where my player is playing Flute and switches to Clarinet. Because the warning doesn’t happen until the next bar after the last note, then Dorico decides to not display the new instrument name at the point where the new instrument begins playing.

Ideally it would look like this, which really "after the last note of the old instrument):

I realize I can get around this by moving the warning and adding some text (as shown above), but for a large score where this may happen a lot, this is tedious.


Dorico’s rule here, for what it’s worth, is to snap the actual instrument transition to the next barline following the last note in the “old” instrument, and the warning label appears there. If the change to the “new” instrument is up to and including a bar away, then you don’t get the announcement label for the new entry, because it seems redundant. Obviously in this specific situation you have a repeated bar, so there’s more than one elapsed bar between the last note in the old instrument and the first in the new, but Dorico’s not clever enough to know this.

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Thanks for the info. I understand how it’s currently working, but it would be nice if there was a setting where “After last note…” was taken literally.