Instrument Changes not displaying Prefix

I’m working on a project where the trumpet players need to switch between C and B-flat trumpets. Everything is generally going well except that Dorico seems to be refusing to display the instrument change prefix on the parts. (The Instrument change is being displayed as the full name, just without the “To”.) I’ve tried changing the prefix from “To” to “Take” and even putting in a custom prefix with no success.

I did this before on another score with no problem. I don’t see any difference in the settings between the two that accounts for this, not even using the Library manager to compare the settings.

Any suggestions about why this might be?

Can you post a cut-down version of the file?

This should do it.
Lo How A Rose Troubleshooting.dorico (536.6 KB)

If the changes are really close to each other, the prefix won’t show.

Thanks for the suggestion. The changes are at bars 37 and 63, not close.

I figured out what’s going on.

The guy doing the arrangement didn’t leave rests in 3 of the 4 places where there’s an instrument change. (He’s the one that has to pull that off twice!)

Dorico did put an Instrument Change notation with a prefix in the rest section prior to the one and only change that can take place while resting. For the other 3 times where there isn’t a rest, Dorico simply put the new instrument name.

It would be really nice if Dorico could include the prefix for those cases!