Instrument changes "text vs. systems" percussion layout

Is there a way to control the way instrument changes are displayed in full score page view? (text, single staff systems or mixed)

In this case I made a percussion player with multiple instruments (separate percussion), so no kit or drumset.
I want the score to look as simple as possible, so as few systems I can get the better it is.
But it seems random whether Dorico shows the instrument changes as text (like Tambourine. To Cr. Cym. To B. Dr. etc etc.) or as separate systems.
And even within one flow it seems like there is no steady rule to when its shown as text or divided in systems.
One page is multiple systems, next page changes shown as text.

– First page:
I want everything shown in two systems, wind gong and bass drum change to crash cymbal in bar 5.
Also tambourine is shown even though here is no tambourine playing during that page.

– Second page:
Looks fine.

Thank you

Welcome to the forum, Emil. The bass drum and gong have notes sounding at the same time in the first bar, which prevents Dorico from using instrument changes. If you can change the duration of the gong note to be e.g. a quarter note, which should be OK given that you’ve instructed the player to let it ring, then Dorico should then show those instruments on one single-line staff in that system.

Thank you Daniel, It works! Great to be on board :slight_smile:
It would still be great if you could choose manually during the score where to make the instrument changes and where to keep the systems, maybe even within the same page, it seems like the way Dorico calculate it automatically isn’t always the best choice.