Instrument Channel

Hello guys, I need a hand in a hurry, please!!!

I have a project that has multiples VSTi’s, loaded into Instrument Channels.

Now I have to mix the project, but for that I want to convert the VSTi’s into Wave files to deactivate the VSTi’s, releasing resources in the CPU to use the tools for mixing, BUT I don’t know how to deactivate these VSTi’s, like you do if you load the VSTi’s in the VST Instruments Panel.

Anybody knows how to deactivate the VSTi loaded in the Instrument Channel, without remove the VSTi from the project?


You can use the track freeze button and select freeze instrument only

Yes, It could be, but the problem is that I can’t edit the track when I freeze it…when I load with VST Instruments, I record with WAV, deativate the VSTi, and I get total freedom for editing the audio track…

I used the VST Instrument in this project to understand the differences between load a VSTi in the VST Instruments and in the Instrument Track…but I am seeing that the instrument channel doesn’t work well for my needs…and to change ALL the intruments of my project to load into the vst intruments, will need LOT OF WORK…

Any other possibility?

How about an audio export. Tick the Import into pool and select re resolution and direct the import into the project folder. You can do a batch export. You can then delete the VSTi tracks if you are sure everything is ok. I save the track under a different name so I can go back to the original if necessary.
But you probably know this already?

That’s the point, I don’t want to remove the VSTi, only to maintain it unloaded to release CPU resource…I need that in case that I do something different with the project in the future…or I will have to export everything in Audio and work with other project only with them…It could be…Damn it, why I didn’t think about that before…

Anyways…just to be sure and understand the differences between Intrument Channel and VST Instruments panel…with Instrument Channels, I can’t unload them like I do in the VST Instruments panel, right?

Is it not possible to hit the bypass on the vsti itself?

You know, I am kind feeling like a dumb ass…that’s it…I forgot that button…it works…

Question solved…thank you man!!!

It is a bit of work, but worth it in the end.

I find every time I do this, MIDI parts will meld into one another and I realize some parts could be better expressed using the same instrument and thus I write another part.

All part of the creative process :neutral_face: