Instrument de-activates as soon as I perform an edit in Play mode

In Play mode, as soon as I click on an editing tool (e.g Draw), I notice that my only instrument, which is a MIDI instrument, de-activates. Then, if I actually add an event, the “edit instrument” icon, in the instrument panel over on the right, appears, but disappears if I click on something else, or simply hit escape. Further, the instrument stays deactivated after all this too. This seems very odd to me - is it normal?
Elements 3.5, Windows

Similarly, the instrument de-activates as soon as I do any kind of edit or recording in Write mode.

Also - documentation typo in the MIDI Instruments section of this page:
“VST Instruments menu” should read “MIDI Instruments menu”

As I mentioned in another thread, it is confusing how the MIDI keeps working, in it’s de-activated state.

Thanks for pointing out the error in the docs - it’s now fixed locally, and should be updated publicly soon :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Thankyou.

Sorry, Greg, I’m not sure exactly what you’re reporting here (aside from the typo in the documentation). Can you attach a screenshot showing what you’re seeing so I can be sure of understanding you?

I will later, but it’s extremely simple - the “power button” for the MIDI instrument goes “off”. The terminology the documentation uses for that button is “activate” & “de-activate”.
I notice that when I de-activate a VST myself, YES, the VST does stop working. So, I’m assuming this quirk only applies to MIDI instruments, but I’ll test that - I’ll see if the VST’s power button ever goes off spontaneously.

Re screenshot, I think I can just refer to the documentation:
I.e - the two buttons I’m referring to are the first (left-most) button (activate/de-activate), and the second button - the “edit instrument” button.
Regarding the edit instrument button, should that ever show, for a MIDI instrument? Normally, that button doesn’t show at all. When it does show, the other two elements actually shift over to the right, to make room for it. When it goes away again, those two elements move back to the left.