Instrument disappears

For some reason parts are disappearing in write, engrave, and print mode. All parts show up in setup but 1 instrument is missing in write mode and in engrave and print all music is gone and replaced by rests and the label has changed to blank instrument.
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It sounds like you might be looking at a different layout than you expect. Try choosing a different layout using the layout selector in the toolbar.

Thanks for getting back so soon. I’m sending the score, I’m totally confused was to what is happening. If you can take a look at it I would appreciate it .Flow 1 is what I’m dealing with .
a to e orchestrated.dorico (3.3 MB)

Hi Martin.

I’ve downloaded your file, and for some strange reason, I find that three or four part layouts (on the right panel of Setup mode) are called Empty Layout. That’s strange, as if you had unticked the instrument from the left panel while that layout was selected.
In any case, I deleted all parts and went to Setup Menu>Create Default Part Layouts and here’s the result. Of course, if you had been casting off those parts, everything is lost in this version. But at least you get one par per instrument!
I want to help you but I don’t know where to start. I hope this will help.
a to e orchestrated.dorico (2,6 Mo)

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Thank you Marc, the good news is that the music is back in parts but violin 2 is missing in the score, pretty weird, huh. I wouldn’t rule out inadvertently deleting or clicking on something but didn’t intentionally do so. What you did however did give me access to the violin and viola parts. Once again much appreciated.

In Setup mode, make sure the three panels have all the correct connections to each other, to ensure you can see the right players and flows in the right layouts.

Thanks for getting back to me, I looked at the setup panel and for some reason the layout panel for flow 1 shows “empty part” instead of violin 1 and violin 2. Vln2 shows in the score in write mode but not vln 1. In print nothing showed in either part but somehow Marc got the music back to print but vln 1 still doesn’t show in the score. I tried to reconcile it in layout after watching the video in the link you sent and vln 2 disappeared from the score. Any help or ideas would be great, I am nervous about losing music.

You’re welcome to share your project for someone to take a look – either publicly here in this thread, or you can message me privately and send it just to me.

a to e orchestrated.dorico (3.3 MB)
I think this is the correct one, if not there’s a copy earlier in the thread, not the one Marc uploaded . Thanks

If you select individual players in the Players panel (on the left in Setup mode), you can see which flows they appear in in the bottom panel (Flows panel) and which layouts they appear in in the Layouts panel (on the right).

Your first violin is in the full score, but not a part layout. Select the first violin and click the checkbox for the first empty part layout to put the violin in it.

Your second violin isn’t assigned to any layout, including the score. Select the second violin, then click both the checkbox for the full score and the second (now only) empty part layout.

Likewise, for the players that aren’t assigned to all flows, you can do the same: select the player, then activate the checkbox for the flow you want to add them to. (Such as for Violin 2 and Flow 3)

Your two violins have ended up with just generic “Violin” as player names, rather than their numbers: you can reset their player names if you want.

I thought I tried that before but maybe not. It is now working , thank you very much .

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