Instrument doesn't play when Cubase is on top

Hey folks, newbie here who’s looking at making the switch from Logic to Cubase.

I load up a Kontakt instrument (Hans Zimmer Piano) and all works fine when Cubase is on top. However, once I’ve got another window open on top (e.g. Chrome), the piano stops working. Then when I return to Cubase, it seems to have been recording the piano key strokes in the background, and plays them on bringing Cubase to the fore.

I’m assuming this isn’t default behaviour but it’s confusing me a bit currently. A lot of the time when writing, I have Logic in the background and it means I can noodle away on the piano whilst I’m looking at other things.

Sure there must be - but is there something I’m missing that means the instrument can still play when Cubase isn’t the application in focus on your Mac?


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Double-check the Studio > Studio Setup > Release ASIO Driver when Application is in background.

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Hey @Martin.Jirsak - thanks for that tip, that’s it solved now I reckon.

Just leaving this here since I took a look online in case it’s useful for any other newbies like myself.