Instrument edit window for Synchron player suddenly tiny and uneditable

Help! I’m using Cubase 11 - and the edit window has suddenly become small. I have noticed something similar when I use it in Sibelius as well. The window which shows the actual player, has disappeared.
thanks for any help with this. I’m attempting to download the Cub 13 trial, and I’ll also be able to see if the problem is in there as well. Here is a screen shot: The window is at the bottom right.

thanks, Steve

If the error occurs in different applications, it is probably due to the VSL Player plugin; perhaps there is an update or other support.

Hi ASM, I solved the problem with synchron player by going back to a previous version of the player. However, the Synchron Piano player and the harp syn player - when I tried previous versions, this did not work at all.
I’m waiting to hear back from support.

Thanks ASM