Instrument Editor Bugs

There are still a few bugs in the instrument editor. If you try to write the variant name, the input jumps away to the reset arrow. Also, the full name can only be displayed in one line. But I would like to save it in 2 or 3 lines for new instruments. It is also not so easy to change the instrument family. And the new instrument is not displayed in setup mode when you want to add a new instrument. Sometimes, when I made changes to an instrument in the instrument editor, there were strange changes in the instrument library, the instrument disappeared or something was deleted strangely. After I pressed Ok, it was fine again. It would be nice if the instrument editor could be further improved. Also, you can’t add new instruments to an ensemble that you want to save permanently as a template. I hope you could improve these things. :slight_smile:

You will find that things work much more smoothly in tomorrow’s Dorico 5.1 update.

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This is what the Edit Instrument Names dialog is for: that’s where you can customize how the instrument name appears in staff labels. The fields in the Edit Instruments dialog are mainly for identification within Dorico, like in the instrument picker.