Instrument Editor: feature requests

Hi Forum,
I’m starting to experiment with the new Instrument editor. It is very cool but it lacks some functions to make it more flexible. So here’s two feature requests:

1. Being able to modify the line spacing so that the user can have more space between lines, e.g. draw staff lines with a distance of 2, 3 or more spaces (see attached figures 1 and 2);

2. Being able to freely modify the starting and ending point of the barline so that the user can edit how the barline of the new instrument is drawn in relation to the staff, with the possibility to be “asymmetrical”.
This can be useful to create a “Tempo staff” to indicate durations in seconds (as happens in a lot of contemporary practices, see attached figures 3 and 4).

Or this can be useful to create a “Container staff” for instructions, e.g. for electronic music (see attached figure 5).

Thank you!


Ah, and since we are there: it would be useful to create an instrument with 0-line staves…


Waiting on all of these requests to be a part of Dorico 5.

Hi @tolga.tuzun, hope you’re doing well.
Yes, we all hope that in Dorico 6 the team will add more flexibility to the instrument editor.
This is not yet a functionality that allows to directly change the number of staff lines because it is thought of as an instrument change… but we can use to do that so far.

Sorry to see that changing the line spacing in instrument Editor has not been implemented yet in 5.1.
Hope to see that in the next future…